In the health and wellness community, where there is a wide-spread lack of design, it is more important than ever to stand out from your competition. By utilizing a strong design that captures the essence of your practice, you can attract your target demographic.

Here are some helpful hints for the health and wellness industry to design for its audience:


If your ideal client is under 30, think about instant gratification and mobile responsiveness. Instant gratification means that people can get something instantly off your site. For millennials, especially those 18-25, being able to schedule online, find out prices immediately, or get some sort of product for free, is important. If you want clients between 18 and 25 years old, think about making your site as transparent and quick-to-use as possible. Additionally, since 92% of people ages 18-29 have smart phones, making sure you have a mobile-optimized site is critical. If you don’t know if your site is mobile optimized, here’s how to check: if you go to your website on your phone and are able to pinch in and out to make the screen bigger and smaller, this is not mobile optimized. Mobile optimization is not only ideal for this age group, but also necessary for a strong Google ranking.


If your ideal client is 30-55, think about designing for about 50% of viewers from mobile and 50% of viewers from a computer. Mobile optimization is still a major consideration, but so is the design. Make the menu simple, make the home page easy to get back to, and make the site have clear call-to-action buttons in order to simplify the site. The ease of your site can create strong brand loyalty. Since many of the people in this demographic have jobs and families, they are less likely to shop around for multiple options if they connect with one person/practice/site immediately. By making your site easy to use, beautifully designed and image focused, you will find more of this demographic will use your services, primarily due to the ease of use. Images are hugely important for this demographic. As stated above, this age demographic wants to connect with results. If this demographic can understand what you can do for them through imagery, they will be more likely to book with you or buy from you.


If your ideal client is 55+, it’s time to start designing for people with health issues and body changes. Primarily, font is incredibly important. If the font on your site is under size 14 or lighter than dark charcoal or dark blue, your audience likely will not be able to read it well. Another thing to look at is how much scrolling and/or clicking has to happen for your client to get to the important pages of your site. Try to make all important pages or information within one click or one scroll away. Most importantly with this age demographic is to acknowledge that computers and smart phones are a relatively new concept. Although many people in this demographic are very capable computer and smartphone users, many are not. If you make your site too complicated or too cluttered, this demographic will not know where to find the important information, and ultimately leave your site.


Health and wellness is a very unique industry to design for, as there are many things to take into consideration in order to attract your ideal client. The single most important thing to remember about your website is to make sure your site captures the feeling of your practice. Make your website an extension of your doctors, an extension of your office, and an extension of your philosophies. Make your website YOU!


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