Project Description

The new website for Laura Behnke, founder of The Life Actually Company, was designed as a blog site, through-and-through.

This site allows for Laura to post, categorize, add products for readers to shop, and edit everything on a super user-friendly CMS. Laura’s old site, First and Trend, was built using the Avada theme in WordPress. While Avada can produce some really nice results, it allows for very little creativity with design and the conflicts popping up with the release of WordPress’s new version, Gutenberg, make it challenging to customize as a blog site. Since Laura is a nationally-recognized lifestyle writer, ex-sports reporter, and own-your-own-timeline advocate, we knew that the design could not be limited by the theme in any way. So, we ventured away from WordPress, and created this beauty by hand.

On this site, we controlled different sections of each page to only show only certain post features from specific sub-categories. We created internal pagination, which allows the site to stay in the exact same position, even when the page is reloaded to show new posts. Another thing we love is the feature that allows Laura to turn on a switch that allows the site to recognize the post as a duplicate so that it will never show the same post in the same section.

The menu bar, when you click “LIFE” or “STYLE”, which is our absolute favorite part of the site, starts off in a position that allows the user to click “View all”, which takes you to the overarching “STYLE” or “LIFE” pages. However, if one of the square images is hovered, the “LIFE” or “STYLE” headers will change to reflect the category being hovered, and allow a user to click to view posts only within that respective sub-category.

This site took a lot of creativity to design and develop, as it needed to have much of the same capabilities as a WordPress site, without being on WordPress. The hard work paid off and we are absolutely in love with the final product.