Project Description

ShoeBio LLC is a company focused on providing shoe buyers with the best possible deal on thousands of shoes. ShoeBio came to Blooming Pixel Creatives with the hopes of creating a web application that would allow users to search shoes, buy shoes, and watch shoe prices. Payge H. Kerman designed the site, Matt Cain developed the front-end of the site, and Andrew Brey developed the back-end of the site. With a powerhouse team, committed clients, and a strong attack-plan, this site was accomplished beautifully.

Quick facts: 

  • ~100,000 lines of code written
  • 25 hours of client-meetings and inter-team meetings
  • ~10,000 to ~15,000 shoe records each day
  • Built with a custom admin panel to add shoes, change shoe names, change shoe pictures, and add keywords
  • Time to complete: 2 months

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