Project Description

ShoeBio LLC is a company focused on providing shoe buyers with the best possible deal on thousands of shoes. ShoeBio came to Blooming Pixel Creatives with the hopes of creating a web application that would allow users to search shoes, buy shoes, and watch shoe prices. Payge H. Kerman designed the site, Matt Cain developed the front-end of the site, and Andrew Brey developed the back-end of the site. With a powerhouse team, committed clients, and a strong attack-plan, this site was accomplished beautifully.

Quick facts: 

  • ~100,000 lines of code written
  • 25 hours of client-meetings and inter-team meetings
  • ~10,000 to ~15,000 shoe records each day
  • Built with a custom admin panel to add shoes, change shoe names, change shoe pictures, and add keywords
  • Time to complete: 2 months

Disclaimer: Since launching, the owners of ShoeBio asked college students to take over the management of the site. Because the code was too advanced to understand for college students, the site broke and they have replaced it with a templated landing page. What you will see on the site right now is not the work of Blooming Pixel Creatives.