Project Description

When food and websites intersect, you can guarantee that we will be happy campers!

Jeff Wang, the owner of Modern Asian Kitchen, requested a website that could replace the old, stale website. The old website for MAK was built with purely HTML and CSS in 2010, and had since become highly outdated. The site also had a lot of content on it that made the user flow extremely complicated. Jeff’s requirements were:

  1. The site should be clean and inviting
  2. The site needs to direct people to place an order online, request catering, or drive them into the restaurant
  3. The site should condense and streamline all the old information

We knew this was a task we were ready for! While designing the site (and getting extremely hungry in the process), we found ourselves wanting to break the text and images up with some movement. The design didn’t call for a lot of interaction, so we decided to use diagonal lines to draw the eye in specific directions (towards calls to action).

Our favorite part of the site? The zoom animation inside the diagonal images on desktop and laptop!

Check out the new Modern Asian Kitchen website here!