Project Description

We get inspired by a variety of things. We get inspired by our clients and their missions, our surroundings, and our image for where we want the brand to go. We are so excited to show off the brand mark and the jewelry hangers for M. Brooks Designs, a jewelry line based out of Denver, CO. Michelle gets her inspiration from the mountains and the beach, so we did, too! The hand-drawn “m” symbolizes the marriage of Colorado and Costa Rica when Michelle creates each piece. The muted purple color allows her designs to be accentuated and not overshadowed by the power of the logo.

The mission statement for M. Brooks Designs, crafted by Kat Guerrero, is:

M. Brooks Jewelry aims to inspire women through the marriage of the earth and art. Using handpicked and high-quality materials, Michelle Brooks finds inspiration from her connection with the mountains, sea and her communities in Denver, Colorado and Nosara, Costa Rica. Each piece is crafted to highlight the subtle elements of the raw material through free-spirited designs and artistry. M. Brooks Jewelry is meant to be worn, celebrated and treasured.

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