Starting a business is a gamble. Growing a business is a science.

Our Philosophy

Imagine this:

Your business, every business, begins with an idea.

Your idea lies dormant within the protective shell of a seed, waiting for the three elements of care it needs to sprout above the surface and reach its potential. You plant your idea in fertile soil, place it in a sunny spot, and nourish it with water to give it a chance to thrive. Sometimes, our seed doesn’t grow the way we had hoped; but its best chance to flourish into a healthy, sturdy sapling lies in this trifecta.


Branding is soil.

Branding is the base of your business, where you allow your seed to take its roots.

Strong branding defines a business. It is a comprehensive view of what you do and what you stand for and determines how people will feel about you. Your motto and philosophy tell people what to expect from you, build trustworthiness and relatability, and keep customers coming back. Your brand imagery, colors, and tone of voice attract your target audience, and give you a memorable identity. With consistent branding, your business has the stability to focus on growth.

Did you know?

  • Color can increase brand recognition by a stunning 80%1
  • Consistency in branding increases revenue by an average of 23%2
  • According to 77% of marketers, branding is imperative for future growth3


Web design is sunlight.

Web design is the light that coaxes your seed into the public eye.

A successful website houses your valuable content in an organized and accessible way, with an attractive design that’s consistent with the branding of your business. It needs to be an easy way for customers to find everything they want to know about your business, including how to reach you. A positive user experience sheds light on your services, contact information, and all information a customer is seeking in a straightforward way. With a well-designed website, the essence of your business is illuminated.

Did you know?

  • It takes only .05 seconds for viewers to form an opinion about your website4
  • First impressions are 94% related to design5
  • 46.1% of consumers judge the credibility of a website based in part on the appeal of its design, including typography, layout, color schemes, and fonts6


Content is water.

Content is the water that quenches your seed’s thirst for substance.

In order to establish trust and brand loyalty, your business must have a predictable and reliable personality. Successful content uses a consistent tone of voice that reflects your business. Strategic calls to action drive conversions and increase your bottom line. Cleverly-worded and engaging content nourish your business’s website, social media, and advertisements, and keep them from becoming too dry.

Did you know?

  • Compelling copy creates 7.8x more site traffic and yields higher brand-recall and engagement rates7
  • “Authenticity of content” is the main factor as to whether or not 80% of people choose to follow a brand8
  • Blogs bring small businesses 126% higher leader growth9

Plant your seed for success. We are eager to help grow your business and provide you with the tools to sustain it. Schedule a call today!