Happy birthday to us! Blooming Pixel Creatives is one year old today!

Have you ever wondered about the BPC brand story? Well, settle in. I’m about to tell you.

(This is Payge, by the way…)

Blooming Pixel Creatives was started out of great timing and lots of excitement. After being offered jobs that would impede my ability to be creative, my ability to live my ideal life, and my ability to grow something that is uniquely me, I decided to create my own opportunity. I called up my friend, Kt, and asked her to meet me at the gym. After discussing my professional situation and hers, I asked if she wanted to start a business together. At the whopping ages of 22 and 23, and with low expectations, we decided to go for it. In short, Kt and I decided to start a business while sweating on a treadmill… not super glamorous.
The first 3 months of BPC were also not super glamorous. We were attending 5+ networking events each week and building connections in Portland, all-the-while trying to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Don’t worry… we did it! We were able to find clients, and we were able to do beautiful work! The first 3 months weren’t easy, but we came out of it with more tenacity than we could have asked for. Naturally, we kicked it up a notch.
Throughout the next few months, there were highs, there were lows, there were websites designed, logos created, and copy written, but we were missing a special something…
That special something was Elise. Elise joined us in December as our project manager. What started out as her helping me with a few tasks here and there, quickly turned into a match made in business heaven. She dove into the BPC mindset and strategy with ease and grace. She made our lives instantly easier and helped make our clients much happier. (I also started to sleep an extra hour or two each night, which is a major bonus).
After expanding our team and having so much love and support from new clients, old clients, friends, and family, we were able to take on more projects and continue to see our business thrive. When it got to the point where I was only sleeping a few hours a night, we knew something was wrong.
I needed help, and Matt was the answer. Matt and I connected about 3 months before we hired him to join the team. After seeing his mind for business, his dedication to his work, and his insatiable quest for a better solution, we knew he was a great fit for our team. We brought him on as our lead developer in January.
It is now April, and we have accomplished so much in one year. We are incredibly thankful for everyone who was a part of our first year in business and helped craft our story.
Want to know some up-to-date stats?
  • BPC team members: 4
  • Websites created: 25
  • Logos designed: 43
  • International clients: 7
  • Emails received: 11,651
  • La Croix’s consumed: ~720
  • Laughs: too many to count

Thank you for being part of an exceptional year, and we look forward to many more memories with you!