In one of my advertising courses in college, the professor gave us each a paper with 50 logos printed on it, and told us the person with the most correct guesses would win a prize. I didn’t win (not being much of a sports fan turned out to be a hindrance), but I’ll never forget this fun little lesson. I realized that day just how impactful the repetitive viewing of these images had been – the golden arches, the Nike swoosh, the little man fishing off of Dreamworks’ crescent moon. A few logos for products I didn’t use were still recognizable, and that brand recognition might someday leave me predisposed to that product or service, over others that I don’t recognize. Brand recognition is key for converting people into paying customers, and eventually loyal, repeat customers.

Your logo is the face of your business. Before working with you, your logo is one of the most memorable associations your potential customers have with your brand, perhaps in addition to a catchy slogan (that’s a post for another day). After working with you, they’ll remember their experience every time they see that logo. Every business needs a well-designed logo to define themselves across their social media, as the icon for their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Consistent branding is necessary in the age of the internet for your business to appear relevant and current.

Blooming Pixel Creatives’ designer, Payge Kerman, follows 2 core beliefs when working with businesses to design successful logos. “One: a person should be able to understand your aesthetic from your logo. It should convey the vibe of your company,” she explains. For example, the sleek simplicity of Apple’s small silver apple, or the natural shades of brown that make up a woman cradling a loaf of bread in Panera Bread’s logo.

Payge’s second principle of logo design is that a person should be able to look at a logo and be able to take a stab at what that company does. When designing our logo, Payge and I first bounced around our key words: Pixels, Blooming, Creativity and Design. We decided on our signature pixelated rose in full bloom, to convey that we are creatives who work with computers and technology.

Payge recently created a new logo and landing page for Right Pedal Media, a production company led by Michael Kramer, who has worked on Top Gear and Shark Tank. Michael wanted a primarily masculine logo. He liked the colors red and black, but Payge was worried that black might come off as too aggressive. Payge selected a dark charcoal gray to mitigate this, and paired it with a darker shade of red to balance the two. She then created a series of options for Michael to choose from, pictured below. Michael chose option #3, because the wheel in motion best conveyed his brand, while remaining versatile.

Still unsure of the staying power of a well-designed logo? See how you score on these quizzes! You’ll be surprised how memorable these images have become.

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