Say you were lead into a kitchen fully stocked with ingredients and cooking supplies. Your instructions: make a meal. You scan through your memories for inspiration. You could whip up a PB&J. You know your mother’s lasagna recipe by heart. You pause. You can make a meal… but you realize that you have no idea who you are making it for!

What do they like? What can’t they stand? Do they have any allergies or preferences? Are they on a diet? Are they a vegan or vegetarian? Are they little kids or adults? Lasagna is your favorite comfort food, sure, but it may go over well with one crowd and alienate another. Before you can make a successful meal for strangers, you need to know a bit about who you’ll be serving. The same principle is important in copywriting!

Identifying and understanding your target audience is paramount for writing successful copy. Just as there are endless recipes you can cook up in that fully stocked kitchen, a good copywriter has many different voices in her arsenal which can be used to describe your business. In order to reach the right people, the copywriter must determine the proper balance between colloquial and formal, or professional and playful. Knowing your target audience is crucial for your copywriter, so she can select the correct tone to convert that group into customers.

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