Call to Action buttons (CTAs) drive the user experience of a website. Buttons direct viewers to important pages, focus attention, and help to increase the amount of quality time a person spends on a site. One of the major reasons a user will leave a site is if they cannot locate important information immediately. With CTAs, you can instantly draw attention to a specific action. If you want people to shop, a button can link to the shop page. If the goal is to have people schedule consultations, a button can link to the contact form or to a new email composition.


Color theory is important in determining the placement and outcome of CTA buttons. Studies show that orange and green buttons work best to attract viewers to click forward into your website. CTAs perform best when they are in high contrast from the background, and the color of the button is uniform across the entire site. The goal is to attract viewers to click the button, which encompasses the true purpose of your website – to gain clients!


The wording on your button should also be enticing. Replacing the typical “Contact Us” with an inviting call to action such as “Schedule a FREE Consultation” will yield more results. Viewers will be more drawn to click because there is an assumed benefit. Here are some more examples of effective CTA language:

  • Get Started Today!
  • Download Your FREE E-Book
  • Get 20% Off Next Purchase!
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Start Your Transformation Today!


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