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Welcome to Blooming Pixel Creatives! We are a creative agency committed to helping your business thrive. From start-ups to multi-million dollar companies, we help our clients showcase their unique specialties and work with them to build cohesive, long-lasting brands. We transform each business’s online presence into a luxurious space designed to capture leads, sell products, and book clients with ease.

We pride ourselves on being a different kind of agency– an agency that cares about you. To serve you best, we take the time to learn about you and your family, your brand and your clients, and your aesthetic and stylistic preferences. Our services include web and application design/development, branding, copywriting, content creation, social media content and metrics, advertising, marketing consulting, technology consulting, and graphic design for both web and print.

When you put your trust in Blooming Pixel Creatives, you put your trust in a team that works tirelessly to realize your vision and to ensure you see tangible results from your project. Again, welcome to the BPC family– we are so happy to have you!

Blooming Pixel Creatives is based in Portland, Oregon. We have happy clients down the street and across the world.



Payge Kerman is the CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives. She is a studied web and graphic designer, with years of experience under her belt. She uses her keen sense of color, texture, and space, to create stunning materials that bring her clients’ visions to life. Payge is passionate about working with small to mid-size businesses to help them reach their full potential and maintain brand authenticity. Payge’s role as CEO is to help you realize your goals and visions, and to develop strategies to take you from ideas to achievement.

  • Owner of two Havanese pups, our company mascots, Ellie and Emmery

  • Can pretty much recite every word of every episode of The Office

  • Loves pho, ramen, and most noodle soups

  • Is a proud plant mom with 33, mostly dead, house plants

Matt joined Blooming Pixel Creatives in January of 2018, and became the tallest member of the BPC team (by 14 inches).



Matt Cain’s interests are at the intersection of tech and human behavior. He uses a deep understanding of how people interact with computers to build websites and applications that people enjoy using. Brands only have seconds to influence new users and Matt is passionate about helping our clients make great first impressions. On a practical side, Matt enjoys helping clients make good decisions about the tech they use — saving them money without sacrificing on a solid infrastructure.

  • Easily made happy by black coffee, single malt scotch, and spicy food

  • Plays drums and lifts weights to keep his mind clear and healthy

  • Considers hiking in the woods, sleeping on a beach, or driving in his truck at night, all silently and aimlessly, to be among life’s richer experiences

  • Watches The Office and Parks and Recreation over, and over, and over, and over, and o…

Tiffany joined the BPC team in October of 2018 in order to give the team and projects structure and organization.



Tiffany was born & raised in Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) and has a love for the outdoors. She lives with her husband and dog and adores traveling. Tiffany is obsessed with reading, and her favorite thing is organizing her life and environment. Tiffany brings structure and organization to the many projects handled by BPC. Whether that’s connecting with clients to ensure the smooth progression of projects, spreading the good word about clients to the greater digital world, or facilitating partnerships between clients and brands, she’s written an email for it. Her greatest joy is delivering measurable results to BPC’s wonderful clients.

  • Tiffany is afraid of dogs (but owns a dog, so…)

  • Lover of all 4 seasons

  • Doesn’t drink coffee

  • Will eat tacos any day, any time.

Payge and Elise searched far and wide for the best possible person to represent our clients’ voices. Kat began working with Blooming Pixel Creatives in April of 2018.



Behind every impactful website is a sharp, witty and brand-focused voice. Kat brings a unique voice to each client and project. Through constant communication to understand where a brand wants to go & what steps are needed to get there, she captures their niche through engaging copy. She’ll be on-standby during the entire process, whether that’s via email communication, following-up with questions, or jumping on the phone to chat with you until she gets your brand voice just right.

  • Kat is most likely by the beach, jumping on conference calls between surf sessions or yoga classes. Or she’s hiking a mountain. Either way, she is always trying something new and spending time outdoors.

  • Loves raw vegan food

  • Has a background in environmental policy

After 3 months as our summer intern, we KNEW roger would make an amazing addition to our team! Roger joined our team full-time in September of 2018.



Roger’s passion lies within creating and producing visceral, memorable pieces of work, whether it be in music, web development, or design. Similarly to our lead developer, Matt, he considers himself to be quite the tech fanatic. As a proud, fellow delegated-IT-guy when visiting home, he’s a firm advocate in the appropriate use of tech for streamlining and organizing everyday needs and activities. He look forward to utilizing both my creativity and tenacity in contributing to the BPC team.

  • Roger has a WPM typing speed of over 100

  • Orders inexpensive things from amazon quite often because it makes every day feel like Christmas

  • Likes to play piano, guitar, and produce music in my spare time

After Roger, along came a new college grad who had so much potential and so much talent. We were simply thrilled when Michelle decided to join our team.



Michelle is a fun and fresh graphic designer and illustrator living out her creative dreams in Portland. Inspired by color, texture, and atmosphere, Michelle approaches her projects with a unique and adventurous attitude. Her work is typically informed by her love for music, technology, and analogue media. She is entranced by the human desire to dream big, and enjoys collaborating with others to make their visions come to life.

  • Enjoys rewatching game of thrones with her Munchkin cat on her days off

  • Loves blasting psychedelic rock music in her car on rainy days

  • Is always down for an adventure!