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Payge’s Portfolio

Disclaimer: Although all work was executed by Payge H. Kerman, the work is not proprietary to Blooming Pixel Creatives. Please contact us if you would like references for the work. 


Oso Wellbeing

These logo samples were made for Oso Wellbeing, a startup health and wellness retreat company. While these logos are not the final approved logo, these are some of the favorites made by Payge Kerman, CEO [...]


Baby Bear Outfitters

Baby Bear Outfitters requested Facebook advertisements made to attract more customers to the diaper bags. These graphics were made by Payge H. Kerman, CEO and designer of Blooming Pixel Creatives. Check out Baby Bear Outfitters [...]


Flaunt Official Clothing Logo

This logo made for Flaunt Official clothing line needed to capture female empowerment, classiness, and femininity all in one. To express the strength, Payge H. Kerman, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives, chose a bold font. [...]


Right Pedal Media

Right Pedal Media, rightpedalmedia.com, was designed and developed by Payge Hooper Kerman, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives. The small informational landing page gives the viewers a professional view of the brand and the creative work they [...]



This project was a website redesign for Hawaii's #1 MedSpa, Honolulu MedSpa. Payge, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives, developed and co-designed this stunning, minimalistic site. There's true beauty in white space.


Elite Aesthetics

The Elite Aesthetics website was created by Payge, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creations, to convey the deluxe experience at this unique medspa. The luxury experience at Elite Aesthetics is shown through the images on the site, the font choice, and the layout.


Robin’s Nest Retreats

Robin's Nest Retreats was a project designed to encourage people to sign up for a paleo cooking retreat. Three words used to describe this site: fresh, interactive, content-heavy.


Kt’s Portfolio


The Modern Woman’s Life Magazine

The Modern Woman's Life was a project focused on transformation. The website needed to foster a community of positivity and support and innovation, something that the site lacked before. The Modern Woman's Life needed a [...]


Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut "It Just Clicks" campaign was executed in part by Kt, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives. The objective of the campaign was to increase the number of Pizza Hut's orders placed digitally to [...]


Pocky Press

The copywriting done for Pocky Press was a weekly task assigned to Kt McVeigh, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives. Pocky Press is an internal publication for Karsh Hagan in Denver, CO.


Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Today's The Day campaign for Philadelphia Cream Cheese was created by Kt McVeigh, CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives. The many flavors of Philadelphia Cream Cheese are the best addition to a balanced breakfast, and will help [...]